7 Minute Mindfulness Review + Bonuses

7 Minute Mindfulness – Experience Ultimate Inner Peace and Live Your Best Life


What Is 7 Minute Mindfulness?

7 Minute Mindfulness is a new mindfulness training program that consists of ten 7 minute audio tracks that helps activate your natural relaxation state.

Different tones are used, including binaural tones. Binaural tones are presented by using two different tones. When they are played together, you left ear hears one, and your right ear hears the other. This causes you to hear a third illusionary tone.

How does it work?

The makers of this program have outlined several benefits of this program to the user. They say that it has the ability to make the user have a clear mind and have strong focus. With this product your meditation is bound to improve.

This program needs us to spend seven minutes per day listening to the mindfulness tracks. It helps us eliminate  constant over-thinking and enhances mental health.

You will become creative and calm without the need to use any physical effort. This program will improve the foundational operating system of your mind. It will help you to control the negativity in your life.

You will instantly notice the  peacefulness in your mind. All you have to do is simply plug-in the headphones and listen to the audio tracks. Your mind will enter into an effective state of calmness and positiveness. It will help improve your brain performance and pain relief.

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What will you gain?

7 Minute Mindfulness provides you with ten mindfulness sessions. Each session will take seven minutes.

All the sessions are blended with the imagination prompts, guided mindfulness scripts, and relaxation music tracks.

This program helps us to relax deeply and release stress easily.

You will learn how to equip your mind with energy, motivation, and belief.
With this program, you will transform yourself into a more patient and resilient person.

By listening to the 7 Minute Mindfulness tracks, you will be motivated to undertake great opportunities by making intelligent decisions.

This program will fill your mind with creativity, calmness, and power.


There is a lot that goes on in the world and you will find that you barely have time to calm down and get things done in time. That is why you will need something that will help you get all of that done in a blink of an eye with a little dedication and meditation.

The programs that they offer are available in mp3 format.

The Seven Minute Mindfulness program opens up all the energy centers in your body. It can help you alleviate the anxiety you might be experiencing. The meditation program will be your secret weapon in your journey towards a more joyful life!

With its affordable pricing and attractive warranty policy, the Seven Minute Mindfulness program is surely worth trying out. We strongly recommend that you go ahead and grab a copy of it! Help yourself achieve a peaceful state of inner calmness.



There are 2 bonuses offered by the creator of the program plus a very special bonus from me that I will deliver via email when I receive your proof of payment. Just email your order id and I will send you your bonus(see below).

Bonus 1.

The Seven Minute Mindfulness Guidebook

In this ebook, you’ll take a deep dive into mindfulness and discover new ways to live an inspiring and full life!

Plus, learn about different areas of your body, such as the Limbic System – the part of your brain which controls emotional responses.

Bonus 2.

Your Little Book Of Mindfulness Exercises

These are simple tips and exercises to incorporate into daily life, or as a first aid kit when your mind gets weighed down, when you have a tough decision to make, or when you feel yourself getting carried away by thought trains that don’t help you.

Bonus 3.


The Power Of Mindfulness

“This is my special gift to you for purchasing 7 minute mindfulness.”

This is a full mindfulness pack. Look at what’s included:

  • Ebook – The Power of Mindfulness
  • Videos – 10 Part Mindfulness Video Series
  • Cheat Sheet
  • Resource Page
  • Mind Map

This bonus is only available to anyone who purchases 7 Minute Mindfulness using this link.

Once you have purchased 7 Minute Mindfulness, please email me your order id/receipt to admin@creativelifebalance.com and I will email you full access to your special bonus – The Power of Mindfulness pack.

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